For PSA (Peugeot, Citroen, DS Automobiles) owners in Inverness and the surrounding Scottish Highlands, encountering issues with your AdBlue system can be a frustrating experience. AdBlue, a solution of urea and water, plays a vital role in reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from modern diesel engines. However, the AdBlue system can be prone to problems, leading to performance issues and costly repairs.

Here at Inverness Tuning, we are recognized as leading PSA specialists when it comes to AdBlue removal. Our team of experienced technicians possesses a deep understanding of PSA engines and AdBlue systems, allowing us to offer a safe and effective solution for vehicles experiencing AdBlue-related troubles.

Understanding the PSA AdBlue System

The PSA AdBlue system injects a precise amount of AdBlue solution into the exhaust stream during the engine’s operation. This chemical reaction helps convert harmful NOx emissions into harmless water vapor and nitrogen gas. While this technology is crucial for meeting stringent emission standards, it can introduce potential problems for drivers:

  • System Complexity: The AdBlue system consists of several components, including a tank, dosing module, injector, and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) catalyst. Any malfunction within these parts can trigger warning lights and limit engine performance.
  • Refill Costs: AdBlue requires periodic refills, adding to the ongoing running costs of your vehicle.
  • Potential for System Failure: The AdBlue system is susceptible to faults, leading to restricted engine performance, limp mode activation, and expensive repair bills.

The Inverness Tuning AdBlue Removal Solution

If you’re a PSA owner facing AdBlue system woes, Inverness Tuning can provide a solution that enhances your driving experience. It’s important to note that this solution is intended for off-road use only.

Our comprehensive AdBlue removal service involves the following steps:

  • Expert Diagnosis: Our team will perform a thorough diagnostic assessment to pinpoint the exact cause of the AdBlue system malfunction.
  • Safe Removal: We carefully remove the AdBlue system components from your vehicle, ensuring a professional and meticulous process.
  • Professional ECU Remapping: Our skilled technicians will reprogram your engine control unit (ECU) to bypass the AdBlue system entirely. This crucial step ensures optimal engine performance without the limitations imposed by a malfunctioning AdBlue system.

Benefits of AdBlue Removal for Off-Road PSA Vehicles

By opting for AdBlue removal at Inverness Tuning, you’ll experience a range of advantages for your off-road PSA vehicle:

  • Enhanced Performance: Removing the AdBlue system eliminates restrictions, allowing your engine to perform to its full potential. You’ll enjoy a noticeable increase in power and responsiveness, ideal for tackling challenging off-road terrains.
  • Improved Reliability: By eliminating a potential source of problems, you’ll reduce the risk of AdBlue system-related faults and breakdowns, ensuring a more reliable off-road companion.
  • Reduced Running Costs: With AdBlue refills and potential repairs no longer a concern, you’ll benefit from significant cost savings in the long run.

Important Considerations for AdBlue Removal

It’s crucial to understand that AdBlue removal is intended for off-road use only. Removing a functional AdBlue system from a road-legal vehicle renders it non-compliant with emissions regulations. Using a vehicle with a disabled AdBlue system on public roads is illegal and could result in fines or penalties. Additionally, AdBlue removal may affect your vehicle’s warranty.

Inverness Tuning: Your Trusted PSA AdBlue Removal Experts

At Inverness Tuning, we are passionate about helping PSA owners in the Scottish Highlands get the most out of their vehicles. Our team of specialists possesses the knowledge and expertise to safely and effectively remove AdBlue systems from a wide range of PSA models.

If you’re experiencing AdBlue system troubles with your PSA vehicle and intend to use it exclusively for off-road purposes, contact Inverness Tuning today. We’ll discuss your specific requirements and provide a tailored solution to get your vehicle back on track, performing at its best for your off-road adventures. Remember, this modification is intended for off-road use only. Let Inverness Tuning unleash the true potential of your PSA diesel engine!