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Exhaust Flap Delete

Exhaust flaps are a common feature in modern cars that allow for a quieter exhaust note during normal driving conditions while opening up for a louder, more aggressive sound under harder acceleration. However, some car enthusiasts prefer a louder exhaust note all the time and may consider an exhaust flap delete as a modification. In this article, we will explore how an exhaust flap delete works, the benefits it provides, and how Inverness Tuning can help improve your car’s performance.

Exhaust Flap Delete: How It Works

Exhaust flaps work by directing the flow of exhaust gases through either a closed or open pathway, depending on the position of the flap. The flap is typically controlled by a vacuum or electric actuator, which opens or closes the flap based on engine speed, load, and other factors.

An exhaust flap delete involves removing the flap and welding the exhaust pipe in the open position. This modification ensures that the exhaust gases flow through an unrestricted path, resulting in a louder exhaust note.

Benefits of an Exhaust Flap Delete

Aside from the obvious benefit of a louder exhaust note, an exhaust flap delete can also have a positive impact on the performance of your car. By removing the flap, the exhaust gases flow through a more direct path, reducing backpressure and improving exhaust flow. This can result in improved horsepower and torque, as well as a more responsive throttle.

Inverness Tuning: Enhancing Your Car’s Performance

Inverness Tuning is a performance tuning company that specializes in custom ECU tuning for a wide range of vehicles, including those that have undergone an exhaust flap delete.

Custom ECU tuning involves reprogramming the engine’s computer to optimize performance, which can include adjustments to fuel delivery, ignition timing, and other engine parameters. Inverness Tuning offers a range of tuning options, including stage 1, stage 2, and stage 3 tuning, which are designed to provide different levels of performance enhancements.

In addition to ECU tuning, Inverness Tuning also offers other performance upgrades, such as upgraded intercoolers, intakes, and exhaust systems, which can further improve your vehicle’s performance.


An exhaust flap delete can be an effective way to improve the performance and sound of your vehicle. Inverness Tuning offers a range of custom tuning and performance upgrades that can help you get the most out of your car, so if you are looking to enhance your vehicle’s performance, consider contacting us for more information.