ECU Remapping is a way of fine tuning the vehicle’s ‘brain’ to make it perform more efficiently. All vehicles have an ECU (Engine Control Unit) and the data file stored on the ECU tells the engine how to run. What we do is simply recalibrate the software on the ECU, either by connecting to the vehicle’s OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) port, bench tuning or by adding a plug and play tuning module kit. We can improve a vehicle’s fuel economy by up to 15%, or increase power by up to 40% using these methods. Remapping is sometimes known as chip tuning, which is an old method of tuning.

No. Our remaps are designed specifically to improve the performance of your vehicle whilst remaining within the tolerances of your vehicles’ components.

Sadly, in attempt to achieve ‘big numbers’ some other companies over tune engines, placing excessive stress on the engine, transmission, cooling systems, etc, leading to reduced life span and reliability of the vehicle. We pride ourselves in producing reliable remaps which do not over stress your vehicle but still produce impressive results.

The custom written OBD remap will usually take between 1-2 hours, depending on the vehicle.

Absolutely. We offer this service if the vehicle is brought back to us. We’ll be very surprised if that’s what you want after taking one of our remap products, however in the case of lease cars some customers prefer to put the car back to standard before returning the car. You might want it back to standard if you are visiting a dealer for warranty or service work.

ECU remapping is far superior to the diesel tuning boxes. When we remap an ECU it optimises various settings and parameters the ECU controls that a tuning box cannot as diesel tuning boxes can only give more fuel pressure. Here at Inverness Tuning we do sell tuning boxes for certain applications, but these are high end digital chips that have proven results in the dyno cell. Beware of cheap tuning boxes for sale as these can lead to problems or not have any effect on the vehicles performance at all.

No problem, simply bring the vehicle back in and we will take a fresh read of your ECU and write you a new map. We offer this as part of our lifetime software support.

Some existing modifications can improve the gains made by remapping a vehicle, and modifications to parts such as air filters and exhausts reduce restrictions of manufacturer parts. We offer a range of remap packages to cater for a whole host of modifications. If you wish, you can order modifications from us to compliment your map and have them fitted when we remap your vehicle.

Your most likely buying an OTS Map!
We don't condone this at all as every car is different.
All our remapping is done custom made for your vehicle.

An off-the-shelf (OTS) remap is a generic tuning file that can be purchased online and installed onto a vehicle's engine control unit (ECU). While these files can offer improved performance, they can also be damaging to cars, please read below..

OTS remaps are designed to work on a wide range of vehicles, without taking into account the specific requirements and characteristics of each vehicle. This can lead to a range of issues, such as excessive strain on the engine and drivetrain, premature wear and tear on parts, and even engine failure.

Additionally, OTS remaps may not be compatible with certain modifications or upgrades made to a vehicle, such as aftermarket exhaust systems or larger turbochargers. Incompatibility can cause issues such as incorrect air-to-fuel ratios, which can lead to poor performance or engine damage.

No it shouldn’t. All codes and diagnostics that a main dealer might read when a vehicle is in for a service or diagnostics will remain exactly the same. We say it with confidence because of the rigorous testing regime all our remap files go through. In addition to this, EU Block Exemption Regulations it is illegal for a vehicle manufacturer to void your warranty because work has been carried out by a third party. This also covers vehicle tuning and engine remapping as long as the failure is not as a direct cause of the modification. We can say with confidence that no Inverness Tuning remap has ever caused a single failure and we are recognised as supplying some of the best tuning files in the world.

NOTE: As of 2013, the VW Group online dealer tools have the ability to see software on any modified vehicle. When a modified vehicle is plugged in online it is flagged on the system, this flag is called TD1 please read the below overview:

TD1 is the VW Audi Group warranty ‘Flag’ for a vehicle that has been modified, this is something you should all be well aware of. If you’re not then please note; since the change in main dealer on-line diagnostic tools throughout 2013 performance software can and will be seen when a vehicle is plugged into online at a main dealer. This is the case even if it’s switched to ‘stock’ mode, it is possible although not confirmed that TD1 could be flagged if a vehicle has been flashed with any tool other than the OEM online system. Our recommendation to make the vehicle owner aware that their warranty will be affected if they have software installed on their vehicle; this isn’t anything new as we’ve never claimed software is undetectable.

Once an ECU/Vehicle is tuned some dealer diagnostics tools can detect it’s been modified. You may loose your manufactures warranty by having your ECU/Vehicle tuned. We are not liable for loss of warranty or repair as the owner of the vehicle wishes to have their ECU/Vehicle modified.

It is a common misconception that purchasing aftermarket and tuning products like sports exhausts and engine upgrades invalidate a car’s warranty. However, that just simply isn’t true.

Since the European Commission passed its new ‘Block Exemption Regulations’ in June 2010, it has become illegal for any dealership in the EU to invalidate a warranty as a result of a modification to the car. This legislation was brought about to help provide competition in the marketplace for repair and maintenance in the automotive industry and will remain in place until at least May 2023.

In the United States, there is similar consumer protection through legislation relating to the more general provision of warranties, under the ‘Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act’ of 1975.

This legislation means that you are actually free to modify your car as you wish.

Before this legislation came into effect, dealers were using restrictive warranty conditions to force owners to use official service and official manufacture parts to maintain their cars and to wrongfully deny warranty coverage.
Block Exemption law was therefore introduced to stop this uncompetitive practice. Without this legislation, owners faced the wholly unreasonable situation where they may buy non-manufacturer parts and the dealers could invalidate the warranty/cancel the service plan on the entire car, or (wrongfully) deny warranty coverage on a completely unrelated area to the non-manufacture part.

Therefore, no dealer is permitted to threaten to invalidate OR actually invalidate a warranty on your car if you do not use Official/Authorised aftersales services or if you do not use parts supplied by the dealer or original manufacturer. If a member of staff at your dealership says otherwise, they are breaking the law.

Block Exemption Regulations 1400/2002′ (in short ‘BER’) state that a warranty is not invalidated where:

Parts used are of matching quality as the component used for the assembly of a motor vehicle.
Parts used are of the same specifications and production standards as those used by the Vehicle Assemblers.
Parts manufacturers/suppliers are able to issue a quality certificate

Once an ECU/Vehicle is tuned some dealer diagnostics tools can detect it’s been modified. You may loose your manufactures warranty by having your ECU/Vehicle tuned. We are not liable for loss of warranty or repair as the owner of the vehicle wishes to have their ECU/Vehicle modified.

DPF removal is illegal for a vehicle that is used for road use and will invalidate your vehicles MOT. All DPF software or removal work is carried out at the owners risk and intention.

Whilst the remap is undetectable to dealer equipment, you should notify your insurance company of any modification to your vehicle. Many insurance companies do not penalise you for upgrades of this nature, particularly if you’re tuning for increased economy however a failure to disclose modifications may invalidate your policy. You may wish to enquire with your insurer if the modification will affect your policy prior to choosing one of our services.

Stage 1 Tune: is a software re-calibration only.

Stage 2 Tune: is software re-calibraited to work with light engine modifications e.g Air Filter, exhaust, intercooler.

Stage 3 Tune: is software re-calibrated on the dyno for heavy engine modifications e.g Cold air intake, exhaust, intercooler, turbo upgrade and more.

We allow users to purchase files from us granted that they have Master Tools, We cater for a wide variety of tools such as but not limited to;
Kess, CMD, Dfox, Autotuner, Bitbox and more.

We only deal with master reads so this must be a file from your Master Tools and must be un-encrypted data in .bin format.

Yes, after the purchase of a custom tuned file, we will stay in contact with you for any file revisions needed, datalogs and other such factors.

Pricing on files are done on customer basis depending on what they need wether it be a Solution only or a full custom staged remap.